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Wedent Group: As A Wedding Planner, Recruitment Placements Agency & Management Company in India
Wedent Group    Integrated Events & Entertainment Solution, Event Management in India, Team Building Activity Organisers Meeting Planner in Bangalore, Meeting Planner in Delhi, India, in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad in India. Wedent Group- The top leading Event Management Company in India, blends in India with business, services and activities by manifesting in them immediately with Wedding Planners and Endless Event Management Company Services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore & Jaipur, Brides Agency India, Executive Placements & Recruitment Agency, Event Management Company in Mumbai, Kolkata, & Delhi, Event Management Companies for and in Mumbai Fashion and Corporate Events in Mumbai. Being an Event Management Company, Wedent covers wedding events, corporate & business event, fashion events and all other occasional and regular events taking place in India at the important cities. Some of them are Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Jaipur covering Entertainment Management & Travel Management.

    In addition Wedent group offers job opportunities and acts as Recruitment Agents for people in India who are qualified and ripe to be placed. Wedent also offers travel consultancy for luxury holidays and honeymoon packages. Wedding Planner in India: Wedding Plans, the most ponderous plans through, is the task undertaken by Wedent in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Jaipur. Wedent bears the ideas on their shoulders by wedding budgets, functions, events, activities etc as vital to the parties. Wedding services includes Entertainment Management, Travel management, Food, Accommodating Guests, Musical Evenings, Dance Parties, Banquet Hall Services, Toddler's Functions and safe closing of the wedding ceremony. Wedent unsubdued, also chalks out ideal customized tailored Honeymoon Packages for the blessed bride and groom.

    The most trusted and personalized source, the chic wedding planner and the brides' agency, India. Celebrity Wedding Services and Elite Wedding Services is an esteemed part of Wedent. The website, a network of Wedent Group is a matrimonial site and is Bride's Agency India for Indians.
Enquire for a wedding plan email to: Luxury Holidays and Honeymoon Packages: Best Travel Consultancy is intended for Luxury Holidays, Honeymoon Packages, Holiday Hotspot, Theme Party Tour, Exclusive customized boutique and corporate travels in India. All this includes Limo and Private Jet services for Indians.

    Wedent's Network AAGNI, channel partner for hotels, resorts, hospitality management and others makes it belief stronger and trusted for a successful Luxury Holiday and Honeymoon Package. Enquire for a luxury holiday and/or honeymoon, email to: Event Management Company: Event Managing in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi: The event which makes it so, fuses audience perceptions, concept and idea creation in square with the purpose of the event specified. Festival, Sports Event, Family Functions, Business and Corporate Meetings, Entertainment & Media Management, Memorable Marriage Anniversary, Musician Promotion, Entertainers Promotion, Organizing Music Concerts, Theme Party Tour, and Celebrity Interview Set-up are chief events taken care by Wedent Group. Logistic arrangement, real-time strategy and completion make the event with Wedent. TV Commercials, Media Print Modeling Services, Ad filmmaking, Hoarding Advertisement Services, Airport & Railway Stations Branding & Promotion, Product Launch, Road show Outdoor Campaign in All India, Fabricated Vehicle Advertising, Brand Promotional Activities, Entertainment Management, Travel Management and many more makes a successful event with Wedent. Event Managing for Mumbai Fashion Industry: The fashion - dictionary meaning, 'a prevailing custom, usage or style' requires to shown as it appears in time today. Wedent undertakes fashion event management for Fashion Shows, Fashion Fairs, Fashion Exhibitions, Fashion Weeks, International Fashion Shows, Fashion Trade Show, World Fashion Events, International Fashion Events, World Fashion Week, and Global Fashion Exhibition.

   Wedent takes on its shoulder what it takes to be a successful Fashion Fiesta, , Auditioning Casting Services, Models Management, Artist Management, TV Commercials, Media Print Modeling Services, Ad filmmaking, Hoarding Advertisement Services, Airport & Railway Stations Branding & Promotion, Product Launch, Road show Outdoor Campaign in All India, Fabricated Vehicle Advertising, Brand Promotional Activities, Entertainment Management, Travel Management and many more. Managing Corporate Events in Mumbai: The big unending world of Companies requires events for product promotions, company functions, annual meetings, trade promotions, seminars, conferences, training programs etc in the city of Mumbai exclusively. Wedent covers Entertainment Management, Travel Management, Recreation & Hospitality, Travel Consultancy, Corporate Travel Deals, Knowledge Processes Outsourcing and all others as Wedent promises for a successful event that is carrying out logistics, real-time managing and completion for this city. is the site, network of Wedent focused for Event Management entirely. Enquire for an Event Management, email to: Executive Recruitment & Placement Agency: Wedent Group acts as Executive Recruitments & Placements Agency in India. Fulfilling gaps between corporate and working prospects, supervising and controlling by requisites, Wedent group places both satisfactorily, matching best available options on chart in timely manner. We welcome people to submit their resumes for right placements in India. And also invites companies looking best human capital in the industry. Matching employers and employees is the task taken by Wedent. Job Applications and Resumes can be uploaded and submitted through the website for processing.

Applications and resumes can also be emailed to:

The list ensue forms Network of Wedent Group: - AAGNI is an IMA Event Management, Entertainment, Public Relations & Bollywood Artist Celebrity Management Company from Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. - Market Place for Media and Cinema Professionals. - IMA Bombay. - Bollywood Acting Agency. - Indian Matrimony and Brides' Agency, India. - Bollywood Market for Films. - A Bollywood Film Making Production Company. - Property Listings and Building Related Service Provider's Platform. Saree Stylist , Sari Stylist